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To enroll for the VeriSign Managed PKI service and activate your CA, complete this form, carefully read our Subscriber Agreement, and click Accept. Click here for help with the enrollment form.

Step 1: Enter Your Organizational Information
The information that you enter in this section will be used to set up your service.

The Organizational Contact is the person within your company/organization/government agency who is responsible for the VeriSign Managed PKI service, for providing organizational information, and who is authorized to accept the Managed PKI Agreement with VeriSign on behalf of your organization.

All of the following information is required except Organizational Unit and Fax.

First Name Last Name
Title Organization
Organizational Unit Address
City/Locality State/Province
Zip/Postal Code Country
E-mail Telephone
Step 2: Enter Your Administrator's Information
The Managed PKI administrator authenticates, approves, and rejects certificate requests, and issues and revokes certificates. The administrator can be the same person as the Organizational Contact. All information is required unless you select Same as Organizational Contact.
Use fields below Same as Organizational Contact
First Name Last Name
Title E-mail
Enter a Challenge Phrase
The Challenge Phrase is a word or phrase that the Managed PKI administrator will use to pick up the Administrator ID. Remember this challenge phrase - you will need it later.
Challenge Phrase
The Billing Contact is the person responsible for payment and for notifying VeriSign of billing changes. Fill in all of the information unless you select Same as Administrator or Same as Organizational Contact.

Use fields below Same as Administrator Same as Organizational Contact

First Name Last Name
Title E-mail
Enter your payment information.
VISA     MasterCard      Discover     American Express
Purchase Order
PO number
VeriSign cannot enable your service until we have a copy of the purchase order.

Fax a copy of your purchase order to 1-650-426-5252.
Include your organization's name on the cover sheet

Check   (Checks must be drawn on a US bank and in US funds)
Check number
VeriSign cannot enable your service until we receive and clear your check.

Mail your check to:

VeriSign Managed PKI Services
487 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Before we can enable your service, we must verify your corporate or agency identity. Your Dun & Bradstreet (D-U-N-S) number provides the easiest and fastest verification.
D-U-N-S Number

If you do not have a D-U-N-S number, or if you do not want to use your D-U-N-S number, fax us your articles of incorporation, business license, or other suitable charter documents. If you choose this option, your order will take longer to process.

You have chosen to purchase VeriSign Managed PKI using a Private Certificate Authority (CA). VeriSign will create a CA specifically for your organization based on the information you have provided and our expertise in public key infrastructure.

If you have specific CA requirements you would like to discuss with VeriSign before we create your CA, check the box below and we will contact you within one week. Your service will not be enabled until after we review your specific requirements.

Contact me about the design of my Certificate Authority
This subscriber agreement applies only to the certificate issued to the Managed PKI administrator. All individual subscriber certificates will be issued under your private Certificate Authority, and will not be subject to any Symantec subscriber agreement.

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