Service Enrollment
Purchase Additional Administrator IDs for Managed PKI

Enroll For Additional or Replacement Administrator IDs

If you are replacing an existing ID, first contact VeriSign to revoke the original ID so it can be replaced.

Make sure you have the correct organization information for your existing service, including your Organization and Organizational Unit names. Then complete this form, read the Subscriber Agreement below, and click Accept.

Important: The new administrator you are enrolling will have read-only access until you change it. To give additional provileges to this administrator, go to Configuration > Administrator Roles in the Control Center after the administrator has picked up his or her ID.

Step 1: Enter the New Administrator's Information
Enter the name of the administrator who will be using this Digital ID. The Organization and Organizational Unit names must match the information for your existing service. If you do not have this information, contact the person who purchased the service for your organization.
First Name Last Name
Title Organization
Organizational Unit E-mail
Enter a Challenge Phrase
The Challenge Phrase is a word or phrase that the administrator will use to pick up the Administrator ID. Remember this challenge phrase - you will need it later.
Challenge Phrase
Step 2: Enter Your Billing Contact's Information
The Billing Contact is the person responsible for payment and for notifying VeriSign of billing changes. All information is required, unless you select Same as Administrator.  
Use fields below Same as Administrator
First Name Last Name
Title E-mail
Step 3: Choose Additional or Replacement ID 
Indicate if this ID is intended for an additional administrator, or if it is a replacement for an existing administrator.
Note: If it is for an additional administrator, the administrator's full name (first and last name) entered above must be different from that of all your other administrators. If it is for a replacement, the administrator's first and last names and e-mail address must exactly match those values for the ID you want to replace. Additionally, you must have already contacted VeriSign to revoke the existing ID. 
Additional ID for a new administrator Replacement ID for an existing administrator
Step 4: Choose the Payment Method for Your Administrator ID
Enter your payment information.

VISA MasterCard  Discover American Express 
Purchase Order 
PO number 
VeriSign cannot enable your service until we have a copy of the purchase order.  

Fax a copy of your purchase order to 1-650-426-5252. 
Include your company/department/agency name and common name on the cover sheet. 

Check   (Checks must be drawn on a US bank and in US funds) 
Check number 
VeriSign cannot enable your service until we receive and clear your check.  

Mail your check to:

VeriSign Managed PKI Services Center
487 East Middlefield Road
Mountain View, CA 94043, USA
Step 5: Carefully Read the Subscriber Agreement
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